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San Bernardino homeless 9/16/2021

Thank you to our super chef P for making over 200 hot meals for the homeless and underprivileged children today. She had been prepping all week and came in to Warm Heart Mission‘s office at 5:00am this morning to prepare. Thank you to our volunteers: Myy Pham, My’s friend, Jenny Do, Thanh‘s friend, and Dung. We had a much smaller group compared to last month but they were all so quick and efficient! They packed over 200 boxes of food.Also, thank you to my co-founder Ken who had very little sleep but came by at 6:00am to help. Thank you to Ryan Yim and the youth team! With them prepping the goodie bags ahead of time, we were able to add the heavier items in quickly to load onto the truck.We can’t stress how important all our volunteers are to us. They truly are amazing. Without the support and their selfless hearts, Warm Heart Mission would not be able to do this.We’ll be taking time off in October to prep and prepare for the big feed the homeless Thanksgiving event at Los Angeles Mission so we’ll need a lot of help in November.If you know of anyone who is able donate any can food or perishable food items in November, we’d greatly appreciate it. We were able to secure several boxes of bananas from supermarkets in OC last year.If you would like to volunteer in November, please send me a message or text/call me at: 818-571-8580. I’ll be able to provide more information regarding the event.Thank you again everyone! Our hearts are full and we feel so blessed at Warm Heart Mission. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™



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