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Warm Heart Mission

Winter is coming, have you seen many homeless curling their body and trying to keep warm on the street. We are very fortunate to stay inside the house with the heater and sleep on our warm comfortable bed? Have you ever thought how those homeless survive through bad winters. It is now October and we have only collected 85 blankets for the homeless😭. Please give a hand so we can keep them warm and comfortable during this coming winter. Your donation, a cost of one meal, can provide a queen size blanket for those in need.
We are non profit (Warm Heart Mission) and will give you a gift receipt for your donation. This will be our 11th year passing out blankets, vegan fried rice box and sometimes instant noodles bowls.
We are also asking for your help from 4-8 AM on NOVEMBER 21 at Veggie Bohdi Cusine’s kitchen in order to produce 1500 boxes of vegan rice. (Rosemead, CA).
On behalf of all the homeless, I sincerly thank you all for the help and donations.
Please help me share this message.

Mua dong lanh gia sap den, chung ta di tren duong se o the o nhin thay nhung than hinh gay go om yeu dang co quap tren nhung via he. Troi ngoai dem suong xuong lanh gia, chung ta co nghi nhung nguoi vo gia cu se song ra sao tren nhung via he day o? Chua ke den rat nhieu nguoi vo gia cu la nguoi tan tat, nhung cu gia, tre con co nho. Bay gio da la thang 10 ma chung toi hien chi moi quyen duoc 85 cai men cho nhung nguoi vo gia cu ma thoi 😰. Neu quy vi nao co long hao tam, xin quy vi quyen gop . Mot cai men size queen chi la mot buoi an sang cua quy vi nhung giup mot nguoi vo gia cu co ro lanh cong tren via he. Chung toi co the viet hoa don de quy vi khai thue. Day la nam thu 11 chung toi phat men, com chay va doi khi co them to mi goi cho nhung nguoi vo gia cu.
Neu quy vi nao co the toi giup chung toi lam nhung hop com chay tai nha hang chay Veggie Bohdi Cusine ngay 21 tay thang 11 tu 4-8 gio sang de giup lam 1500 phan com chay, xin lien he cho chung toi. Xin thay mat cho nhung nguoi vo gia cu, Kimberly xin chan thanh cam on tam long vang cua quy vi ❤️🙏
Xin quy vi hay chung tay de chia se loi nhan nay den moi nguoi

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